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An Invitation to Māori and Industry Supporters


You are warmly invited to join us in this exciting venture - to develop and build a truly world-class, values-based, creative and cooperative Māori Innovation and New Technology Sector to help address the many challenges Māori face today - and to co-create a better future for whānau everywhere!

Thousands of us are already engaged in work relating to innovation, new technologies, and ICT. Some of you are dynamic entrepreneurs have your own businesses. Some of you are supersmart scientists, innovators and technologists who are working hard within and across multiple sectors such as education, health, justice, environment, primary industry (e.g. forestry and farming), manufacturing, and retail.

Whether you are in government, with NGO trusts, or work for national and global corporations, we welcome you all to support the economic growth of Māori as technology creators and innovative producers - and of course - really savvy consumers.   Nau Mai - Haere Mai

We encourage Māori entities including business organisations, hapu, iwi, marae, runanga, companies, trusts, cooperatives, associations, and whānau enterprises to engage with us. Regardless of where you are - at home or abroad - please feel free to join us and participate in building a great Māori Innovation and New Technology sector together!

We also invite other non-Māori entities and organisations and sectors to support the development of the Māori Innovation and New Technology Sector.   Nau Mai - Haere Mai


Titiro Tāwhiti - Ko Apōpō Tērā - E Ao Ake Nei


Connect with Care ... No Whānau Left Behind!


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