Māori Innovation & New Technology Sector


Indigenous New Technology Systems

in The World


Technologies - the rationale for their design, development, distribution, and usage are produced within specific cultures, worldviews and value-systems. Māori, Pacific, and Indigenous technologies are recognised as animate; imbued with the breath of life, they exist in form and function having emerged from the implicate order. 

Māori, Pacific, and Indigenous technologies are created within complex sensory environments that build on our sense of relationship, meaning, balance, feeling, memory and place as well as sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. In meaningful interactions they engage and evoke significant knowledge and experiences unique to the Indigenous world. They bring to mind [and heart] oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, lagoons; mountainous lands and rich forests; low-lying islands and tropical fruits; nature in times of abundance, and nature in times of scarcity. 

Sector Strategy

Organisational Support

Provide Strategic Leadership
Articulate Matakite / Vision and Values
Articulate the contribution to Māori and NZ society
Defend & extend the reputation of the Sector & Organisation
Consolidate communications / Share Sector & Organisation resources
WAIRUA - Spirit and Culture

Tactical Opportunities
    • Co-create whakatauki
    • Develop tohu / images
    • Create essential content / key messages
    • Clearly articulate value system / approach
    • Develop presence - website / facebook / linkedin / twitter / you-tube...
    • Develop networks via various mechanisms (real / material / virtual)

Outcomes and Benefits
    • Māori and society have a greater understanding of Sector / Organisation
    • Vision, kaupapa, strategies, opportunities, tactics, expected benefits shared
    • Strengthened connections and networks through shared values and vision
    • Integrity of values-based sector protected and defended
    • Positive alignment of values of communities, organisation and sector

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References and Links

POU KAPUA Creations


HAKAMANA Integrated System of Transformative Design, Development, & Evaluation


 SMARTPATH Automated Healthcare & Cloud-based Patient Portal


RIVER - Digital Innovation


Global Reach Innovation & Development (GRID) Pacific
Is it possible to have Indigenous Technology that Reflects Indigenous Consciousness?
Native Science Academy, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico - Learning Encampment
Funded by The Directorate of Computer and Information Science and Engineering,
National Science Foundation, USA

pdf fileIT4IndigenousConsciousness.pdf