Māori Innovation & New Technology Sector 

RAWA - Grow

2025 Goals

To grow a sustainable and generative asset base
for the Sector

Billions in Value Assets

 Data and Technology Centres

Telco / Tier 1 Products

1000s Products and Services


In New Zealand, the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Sector includes 14187 firms who collectively contributed $8.4 billion to NZ GDP, and employed 73,398 people (see MBIE 2013 Report). It is a highly internationalized sector, has improved productivity, high rates of Research & Development and Innovation, and good return on investment. For Māori to benefit culturally, socially and economically, it is imperative that we co-create a strong Māori Innovation & New Technology Sector as owners, designers, creators, producers, manufacturers and distributors.

The NZ Government provides significant tax-payer funded support for science, technology, and business growth through various ministries, entities, and mechanisms. For some of those funding opportunities available to Maori, including potential indicators for Maori development, please read - and follow the links

Sector Strategy / Organisational Support

      • Build assets portfolio

      • Increase broadband / spectrum asset base

      • Build infrastructure

      • Invest in quality capital items / goods

      • Telco Offering / Tier 1 Products

      • Build Data Centres & Technology Centres

      • Increase tangible / intangible / intellectual property

      • Future proof assets and investments

      • Accessible / affordable broadband / spectrum / fibre

      • Cloud brokerage platforms

      • Content delivery networks

Tactical Opportunities

      • Creation and consolidation of Māori / Pacific / Indigenous Content

      • Establish Network and Hosting Partnerships

      • Design Product and Service Offering

      • Māori Start-up / Incubation

      • Māori / Pacific / Indigenous Kick-Starter

      • Design Growth Plan for Hosting Options

The most dramatic value migration will be driven by the 3rd Platform (a post-disruption IT world built on mobile devices and apps, cloud services, mobile broadband networks, Big Data analytics, and social technologies) across almost every industry and sector - locally, nationally, and globally (IDC Predictions - see below for further reading)

International Data Corporation (IDC) - NZ ICT Predictions 2014: Unlocking the Potential of the 3rd Platform

pdf fileNZ Predictions 2014 NZ2578504 - Final.pdf

Outcomes and Benefits

      • Solid and resilient assets foundation for growth

      • Certainty of business and employment growth

      • Strengthened organisational and sector capability and capacity

      • Increase in quality products and services developed

      • Future proof - supports intergenerational benefits and succession

      • Sustains environmental wellbeing

fibre optic cable ii.jpg  

References and Links

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NZ Government ICT Strategy and Action Plan 2017

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MBIE / Science and Innovation


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Federation of Māori Authorities


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