Māori Innovation & New Technology Sector



2025 Goal

 Sustainable economic wealth and improved economic wellbeing

Billion dollar contribution to NZ GDP




Sector Strategy / Organisational Support

  • Achieve a global brand / international reach and scale

  • Increase the Māori economy

  • Improve Māori economic wellbeing / Ensure benefits are tangible

  • Improve educational, social, cultural and environmental outcomes for Māori

  • Provide Strategic Intelligence from Local to Global

  • Build evaluative and learning culture to ensure success

  • Co-develop meaningful measures (process and outcomes)

  • Build excellent systems and support structures

Tactical Opportunities

Supporting intersectoral 3rd Platfrom innovations and technologies for Maori / Pacific / NZ / Global sectors / industries / organisations including:
  • Iwi / Hapu / Marae / Maori
  • Travel / Tourism / Hospitality
  • Business / Finance
  • Education / Learning 
  • Health / Social Services
  • Creative Industries / Fashion / Film / Media
  • Primary Industy - Farming / Fishing / Forestry
  • Services Industries
  • Transport and Movement Logistics
  • Infrastructure - Design / Engineering / Building
  • Political ecosystems
Co-creating Māori / Pacific / Indigenous values-based design / development / evaluation systems

Outcomes and Benefits

  • Māori Technology and Innovation Sector recognised as Global Leader

  • Significant economic growth of Sector / Organisation

  • Improved economic wellbeing for Māori (whānau, hapu, iwi, organisations)

  • Benefits for New Zealand economy and communities

 business leaders.PNG  

PLANET MAORI - Manukura (Executive Leadership Team)


Tania Wolfgramm, Sector and Systems Strategist
Tania Wolfgramm.jpg

   Te Aupouri, Whakatohea, Ngai Tai, Vava'u Tonga / Pacific

"I seek to understand the psyche of people, fanau, tribes, nations and cultures as we endeavour to express and imprint our view of the world, our languages, our hopes and dreams onto and into technologies and innovations we create. These technologies can be both tools of imperialism and sovereignty, on the one hand destructive, on the other creative - able to be used to both hurt and heal. Technologies are not value-free. Hence the need for us to come together and put our Pou in the ground that clearly articulates our position - a manifestation of who we are - and what legacy we would like to co-create with and for our tamariki, our mokopuna, our generations yet to come.

E Ao Ake Nei!"

Experience and Expertise: Visionary and Creative Leadership; Systems Thinking; Strategic Development; Sector Engineer; Analysis, Design; Research & Development; Planning; Invention; Entrepreneurship, Evaluation; Project Management and Community Development; Learning Organisations; Cultural Psychology

 For more information, see also www.hakamana.comhttps://gridpacific.com/http://smartpathhealthcare.com/

wikuki kingi pic.png   Wikuki Kingi, Tohunga Toi Ake, Native Science Technologist, Development Strategist

   Waikato, Ngai Tai, Raukawa, Te Whanau a Apanui, Kati Mamoe

“As we stretch the moments between time, we glimpse the deafening silence of prosperity lost…such is our collective learned reality. I am a life-long student of the humaniversity. Shapeshifting in the cyber flux that is the tyranny of technology let us reawaken the resilience of our Tupuna and reclaim the dream of communal wellbeing. I seek to unshackle the power of creativity and innovation encoded in the helix that is our DNA. I strive to reclaim the Mana Economy that was the currency of our consciousness and together scaffold on the discoveries of humanity. Let us release the taniwha of transformation upon the universe – constructing our destiny together."

Experience and Expertise: Archeosymbology; Global Scientific Linkage; Strategic Intelligence; Indigenous Business Research & Development; Design and Creative Direction; Change Management; Political Strategist; Relationships Development

For more information, see also www.poukapua.comhttps://www.temanararaunga.maori.nz/https://whaotapu.com/


TA photo.jpg Te Aroha Grace, Technologist, Solutions Specialist

   Ngati Whatua me Nga Puhi Nui Tonu

“He aha te mea nui? He Whakaaro, he Whakaaro, he Whakaaro.”

"I am a connector. My role in life is determined by Tane’s initial desire to separate Ranginui and Papatuanuku so that we could establish a conscience in Te Ao Marama. Now, with invisible technology and visible technology at our fingertips we are children of an age where we are re-uniting Ranginui and Papatuanuku. It is our time to re-generate our stories, to establish a contemporary relevance in the kupu of our ancestors…to refresh our ancient purpose, and to prepare for our mission into the stars. I have a PhD in Change …"

Experience and Expertise:  Datacentre solutions; National and International Network solutions, growth and strategy; Internet Service Provision – implementation, growth, relationship management, team management

For more about Te Aroha, see https://www.linkedin.com/in/tearoha/


Warren Williams, National IT Management / Business Development / ICT & Education Specialist

Warren Williams is the former National IT Manager for Te Wananga o Aotearoa, a multi-sited tertiary education provider. He has been in the ICT and tertiary education industry for over 15 years. He was responsible for the IT needs of over 1200 staff, and 20,000 plus students. As a national IT manager he oversaw the IT strategic and operational direction of Te Wananga o Aotearoa, operating from over 60 sites across New Zealand.

Warren for web.JPG Warren is focussed on strategic ICT relationships and partnerships that provide positive contributions to students and the communities they live in. He feels that through the use of technology, skills and knowledge can be easily accessed wherever they are. Whether it’s from a beach in Gisborne, an office in Auckland, or a coffee shop in Los Angeles. He is an advocate of “mobile” working and encourages people to drive technology to work better, and not let technology drive them. "Thus connectivity is crucial to ensure service in whatever industry you work in."

For more about Warren, see https://www.linkedin.com/in/warrenwilliams/

Karaitiana Taiuru, Internet Governance / IT Specialist / Language Revitalisation Expert

Mō tātou,ā, mō kā uri ā muri ake nei…

Ko Waitaki te roimata o te mauka tapu ko Aoraki. Ko Kāi Tahu tōku Iwi kaha me ko Ngāti Kahungunu. Ko Nuku Tiriaktene tōku pōua,ā,te uri a Eruera Tirikatene. Ekari, Naumai Tautimai ki tāku whare ipuraki.

Kariatiana Taiuru has been a leading figure in the on-line Māori renaissance of the Internet since 1997. Now his focus is on social, cultural and economic benefits of the Internet while still continuing to support Internet access to all. He was the author of the successful 2002 .maori.nz proposal which lead to the world’s first Indigenous language domain name; proposer for macrons in .nz domain names and .māori.nz (2010); and .iwi.nz moderator since 2000. He was responsible for the creation of New Zealand’s first Indigenous USENET group .nz.soc.maori and for the ability to use macrons in .nz web addresses. He was also responsible for other significant changes and advancements on the Web for Māori including ensuring Māori could be written on computers and the web; Māori language tools; and a myriad of publications. He is a visionary of a multi stakeholder Internet, and an expert at on-line Māori language revitalization. He is the IT Project Manager for the Ngāi Tahu Kotahi Mano Kāika Language revitalisation project which will have 1000 Ngāi Tahu speaking Māori by 2025.

 KT for web.JPG

The IT projects were both nationally and internationally recognised by Indigenous Peoples and were a Web Portal finalist The Stockholm Challenge Award 2006 and Computer Excellence Awards. He was Web Portal Finalist in two categories; Excellence in the use of Information Technology in a Not-for-Profit Organisation and Excellence in the use of Information Technology in a Community Project in 2005.

Professional areas of interest include: Internet Governance, Asia Pacific and Indigenous on-line  issues, multilingualism, localisation, on-line property rights and International Domain Names (IDN).

His LinkedIn profile is here.


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