Māori Innovation & New Technology Sector 

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2025 Goal

To support and grow a thriving Sector and Cooperative

Opportunities and Indicators for Maori
for Science, Innovation, and Technology Funding and Resourcing
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10 Billion in annual revenue

1000 Maori Organisations & Businesses

100 Researchers / R & D

1000 Students in Technology Education

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For millenia, Kaumoana (people of the oceans) designed, built, navigated, and sailed canoes across thousands of miles of ocean, settling new islands including Aotearoa, seeding culture, language, and technologies across new and diverse environments. These were applied in all facets of their lives, providing shelter, food, and clothing as they learned to live in new lands.

Leaders and communities needed to provide safe places that allowed for experimentation and failure. These were places for resilience and reflection, where their learning spirit(s) were nourished and the learning processes inextricably linked within conscious relationship to the whole.

In Indigenous worldviews all technology is information technology. Any technology or tool is informed by or contains the information embodied in the materials; the knowledge, skill, and intention of the maker; and the collection of knowledge accumulated by its users. An Indigenous Information Technology is one in which the tools are in proper relationship with the community, the tools function correctly in the community ecology, and support the community’s future. 

Sector Strategy/ Organisational Support

        • Value knowledge culture / strategic intelligence

        • Encourage breakthrough improvements

        • Provide industry support – capability and capacity building

        • Incubate and grow entrepreneurs / business / enterprise

        • Support business and enterprise growth / Māori IPO

        • Support workforce investment

        • Incubation / Entrepreneurship / Business Enterprise Growth

        • Knowledge, Research & Development, Science and Creativity

        • Education Centres / Workforce Development / Employment

        • Develop Products and Services

        • Finance / Operational Support / Contract development / management

        • Host regular events / Trade shows / Launches / Networking / Conferences / Awards


Tactical Opportunities

        • Establish Innovation Think Tank

        • Establish National / Global Consulting Framework

        • Marketing and Sales Hub for technology & innovations (local to global)

        • Building Technology & Innovations in Iwi / Hapu / Māori Organisations

        • Apprenticeships & Internships / Training Skills / Pipeline to workforce and business

        • Run Industry Workshops

        • Health Innovations / Whānau Ora / Patient Pathway apps

        • Education / E-Kura / E-Marae / E-Lotu

        • Māori Cloud / Broadcasting – Radio Frequency overlay


Outcomes and Benefits

        • Thriving Māori businesses in NZ and around the world

        • Thousands of Māori employed in the Sector

        • Excellent research, design and development

        • Thousands of profitable quality products and services

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